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The China-Europe Wood Professional Committee push forward to the construction of the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative, to develop the international trade in forest products and wood processing equipments

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The China-Europe Wood Professional Committee was established in Dongguan

At present, the Belt and Road freight train has reached the major European regions such as Hamburg in Germany and Helsinki in Finland. However, most of the trains return with empty containers. What if these return trains were filled with high-quality wood from Russia and from other places? On November 9, 2018, the China-Europe Wood Professional Committee was established in Dongguan, in the hope to solve the problem by playing the role of professional committee. 

According to the plan, China-Europe Wood Professional Committee will perform a number of functions. In addition to conducting investigation and research, proposing industrial development planning and providing basis for the government to formulate polices, industrial production technology exchange, international exchange, exhibition and forum, skills training and other industrial activities will be organized. 


“The reason of this founding conference held in Dongguan is that Dongguan is an important furniture production base and logistics distribution center,’’ Dr. Zhao Jun, executive chairman of China-Europe Wood Professional Committee told reporters. The third China (Guangdong) International Furniture Machinery & Material Fair attracted and gathered people in furniture materials domain from all over the country.

It was revealed that the China-Europe Wood Professional Committee will strengthen coordination and communication with the Chinese and European government departments. Representatives of the committee members will respond to relevant government departments about the industry situation and enterprises’ requirement, to further promote the ‘Belt and Road’ and operational progress of the China Railway Express. 

At the same time, the committee will also give full play to their role as the committee secretariat and the information service center. With the help of China Data Sources, the big data platform of China timber trade who provides market real-time dynamic, price index, market inventory from major ports, pre-arrival shipping information and big-data analysis of the market, to reasonably purchase, effectively avoid risks, and to establish China-Europe information exchange platform, investment financing platform and so on. 


China’s export potential for machinery and equipment of wood processing and furniture 

‘In Russia, most of the equipment used for wood drying and wood processing are imported from China,’ Maxim, a Russian, told reporters. At the fair (FMMF), a number of professionals from around the world were actively participating in the activities. They said that China’s furniture machinery and equipment and materials are of a lot of advantages, and also suit their needs very well.

Each year, China buys and sells up to 10 million m3 timber from Russia and other places to the Pearl River Delta. It was reported that Russia has 1.17 billion hectares of forest and has the world’s largest forest resource. There are more than 12 million m3 Russian timber entered to China through the Manchuria port alone.


‘This is my first time set foot on the land of Guangdong,’ Maxim, a Russian who speaks fluent Mandarin. In his view, there will be a lot of cooperation opportunities between Russia, which has abundant raw materials, and China’s high-quality furniture manufacturing equipment producers and furniture manufacturers in the future.

It is said that many European countries have rich furniture raw material resource, and the furniture industry in these countries has formed two kinds of cooperative mode with China. One mode is the foreign companies export the raw materials to China for processing and then transport the finished product to the local markets for sale. The second mode is directly import furniture machinery and equipment from China, in local production and processing.

In this regard, Dr Zhao Jun analysed that the first mode is a relatively mature operation mode at present, because the product manufacturing relying on China’s mature furniture manufacturing industry. However, because of the flexibility of this mode is not good enough, it will become a development trend that overseas furniture enterprises will directly purchase Chinese furniture equipment and furniture raw materials for their local production in the future.  


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