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China-Russia Enterprise Fair Press Release

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On Dec. 13th , 2019: Inorder to promote the upgrading of industrial cooperation between China and Russia and strengthen communication and cooperation between enterprises, the China-Russia business fair was successfully held in the conference room of China Supply and Marketing Cooperative Foreign Trade Company Ltd. on the morning of December 12th, 2019.

The conference was jointly held by China Data Sources (Beijing) Supply Chain Management Ltd. and China Supply and Marketing Cooperative Foreign Trade Company Ltd. More than 20 representatives from China and Russia attended the conference. At the same time, on behalf of China-EU wood industry professional committee, China Data Sources (Beijing) Supply Chain Management Ltd.delegated team members to attend the meeting.

At the meeting, leaders of both sides delivered speeches firstly, and attached the importance to the fair.Ye Ping, general manager of the industry department of China Supply and Marketing Cooperative Foreign Trade Company Ltd., Lei Ting, President of China Supply and Marketing Overseas Procurement Department, Wang Yiren, deputy manager of China Data Sources (Beijing) Supply Chain Management Ltd. and other representatives from China introduced the company's current business situation and main business respectively, and proposed that there is a large space and many opportunities for bilateral trade development. They sincerely hope that they can carry out in-depth cooperation with Russian enterprises in business and establish long-term cooperative partnerships.Representatives of Russian companies introduced their businesses and product introductions in the fields of food, daily necessities, and technology. The bilateral needs were fully and effectively connected at the meeting.After the promotion session, Chinese and Russian companies held one-on-one negotiations, which was more professional and more in-depth.

The success of this conference has enhanced the strategic and closeness of Sino-Russian trade and laid a solid foundation for further cooperation and development. We hope that Chinese and Russian companies will strike more sparks of win-win cooperation in the future. Also, China and Russia will have far-reaching and extensive cooperation fields and space.


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