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Georgia-Pacific opens $135 million state-of-the-art lumber facility in Warren County, Georgia

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Georgia-Pacific opens its newest lumber facility with an onsite dedication in Warren County, Georgia. The $135 million, 340,000-square-foot technologically advanced lumber production plants its flag on the same site as an existing lumber mill. The new facility currently adds more than 80 workers to the existing workforce, employing a total of 179 full-time employees, as the company says in the press release received by Lesprom Network.

At the rate of current production, the GP Warrenton facility will receive approximately 200 truckloads of pine logs a day and produce as much as 350 million board-feet of lumber per year. The facility plans to outturn three times the output of the previous facility, shipping 57 trucks of lumber each day to locations and customers across multiple states.

“GP values the relationship we have with Warren County, Warrenton, and the economic development authority. This new state-of-the-art facility lets us continue to serve our customers lumber needs,” said Fritz Mason, president and general manager of Georgia-Pacific Lumber.  “Warrenton and Warren County are great neighbors and have been supportive partners through this process.”

The Warrenton facility follows the start-up of Georgia-Pacific’s Talladega, Alabama, lumber facility last year and is the second of three new lumber production sites planned by the company. The third facility is under construction in Albany, Georgia, with plans to open next spring.


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