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Live Specialized analysis of Pinus radiata and the North American timber market

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From January to June 2020, the price trend of the radiata pine wood market is also a "roller coaster" model, which is generally in a loss state.

Radiata Pine 4m in A, Taicang market: January price is 750¥/m³, February 730¥/m³, early March 730¥/m³, mid-term 850¥/m³, late 950¥/m³; highest price in April It is 1020¥/m³; May 900¥/m³; June 760¥/m³. Lanshan Market: The price was 760¥/m³ in January, and 750¥/m³ in February. New Zealand stopped shipping timber to China from March to April due to the epidemic situation. There was insufficient market demand, and the price of Radiata pine rose very quickly, 780¥ in early March /m³, mid-term 920¥/m³, late 980¥/m³; highest price in April 1080¥/m³; May 850¥/m³; June 750¥/m³.

After mid-May, the arrival volume continued to increase and prices continued to fall. Supplier price: 103$/m³ in January-February, 115$/m³ in March, 120$/m³ in April, 130$/m³ in May, and 115$/m³ in early June , The supply price is 110$/m³. According to the current market price of Radiata Pine, 780¥/m³, 108$/m³ can be kept flat without loss.

Judging from the analysis of the Australian Pine market, Australian Pine is mainly affected by the radiation pine. The price of Australian Pine A: supplier price in January is 102$/m³, February 102$/m³, March 116$/m³, 4 Monthly 126$/m³, May 131$/m³, June 111$/m³. The domestic market Ausongzhong A sales price 3.9M: January-February 760¥/m³, early March 820¥/m³, mid-term 880¥/m³, late 920¥/m³, early April 950¥/m³, late April 1000¥ /m³, 850¥/m³ in May, 760¥/m³ in June.


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