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Live Specialized Analysis of SPF market

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In the first half of 2019, SPF was operating at a loss from January to March, with a maximum loss of 100-150 yuan/m³. From April to May, foreign suppliers lowered their supply price, including a reduction of 7-12 USD/m³ in March and a reduction of 30-35 USD/m³in April. Shipments are very large in March and April, the SPF has a profit of 20-40 yuan/m³in March and April. Foreign suppliers immediately raised supply price by 5-7 USD/m³from May to July, and the market price fell 80-100 yuan/m³in May and June. Domestic SPF dealers returned to a state of serious losses. Canada imported SPF for China was about 450,000 to 510,000 m³per month from January to April. After May, CANFOR, the main supplier of SPF, closed three large processing plants in Canada. The arrival volume of SPF has not changed significantly.

The main port markets in Taicang, Qingdao and Tianjin have very large SPF inventory. After mid-April, the shipments are very slow. The sales prices of China's SPF main markets in Taicang, Qingdao and Tianjin continue to decline. The current inventory of Taicang is 520,000m³ and Qingdao is 120,000m³. Tianjin, 100,000 m³, all of their shipments are very slow, mainly affected by Ukrainian and Russian lumber.Taicang sales price of Ukrainian lumber is 1,300 yuan/m³,Tianjin sales price is 1,400 yuan/m³.Ukrainian lumber imports an average of 75,000-80,000 m³ per month, the current monthly import volume ranked third in the total importing countries.


Canadian suppliers continue to cut their supply prices by 5-10USD/m³for the period from February to April 2019. In May, three major suppliers in Canada raised the SPF supply price by 5-8USD/m³, and continued to cut prices 5-8 USD/m³from June to July. The best-selling SPF 2*4 3.05m spruce and SPF2*6 in the current market are affected by Ukrainian low-price lumber, with a sustained loss of 50-80 yuan/m³.SPF 2*8 loss more than 60-100 yuan/m³. All specifications of 2# are slow to ship and very difficult to sell.

Taicang market 2*4 grade 3# sales price is 1520 yuan/m³in January and February, and grade 4# is 1380 yuan/m³.2*6 grade 3# sales price is1320 yuan/m³, grade 4# is1280 yuan/m³.3 The monthly decline was 100-150 yuan/m³ compared with January-February, and the loss at each level was 150 yuan/m³. The sales price rose by 50-80 yuan/m³in April, and it dropped by 80-100 yuan/m³ in May. Currently, in June and July, 2*4, grade 3# sales price is 1500 yuan/m³, 4 # price is 1320 yuan/m³. 2*6 meters,grade 4 # market price is 1100 yuan /m³; 2*8, 2*10, 3 sales price was dropped from 1460yuan/m³to 1,200 yuan/m³ in June.The market has lost more than 80 yuan/m³.All kinds of WSF are basically reduced by 150-200 yuan/m³, 2*6, 4# 3.05m is 980 yuan/m³, which is 100 yuan/m³ lower than that of May. The sales price of 3# grade drops from 1330 yuan/m³ to 1250 yuan/m³, and then dropped to 1200 yuan /m³.

Tianjin SPF market price is relatively the best.2*4 3#, 3.05m  sales best.It’s price is 1650 yuan/m³, and sales price is1600 yuan/m3.The price of 2*6, 3 # is 1250 yuan/m³, and 4 # 980 is yuan/m³. 2*8, 3# price is 1350 yuan/m³;.4 # sales price from 1300/1350 yuan/m³ dropped to 1180 yuan/m³. Current market sales are very low and shipments are limited.

The market price of WSF/Canfor, two major suppliers, in Qingdao:2*6 3 # is 1230 yuan/m³ in June and July. 4 # price was dropped from 1200 yuan/m³to 1080 yuan/m³. 2*8 3 # goods are not too many. The sales price dropped from 1,500 yuan/m³ to 1330 yuan/m³. 4# dropped from 1260/1330 yuan/m³to 1100/1200 yuan/ m³. The price of 2*10 is as same as the price of 2*8. The sales of brands such as the US Huihao in the Qingdao market are relatively better. Qingdao SPF market sales price is better than Taicang market, the sales price is relatively high 50-80 yuan/m³.

Companies like Weyerhaeuser NR Company’s sales profit of the Qingdao market is relatively better. Qingdao SPF market sales price is better than Taicang market, the sales price is relatively high 50-80 yuan/m³.

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