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Special analysis of the Russian log market

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In January-February 2020, Erlianhaote market is better than Manzhouli. In January-February, Pinus sylvestris logs cost 800¥/m³, spruce 780¥/m³ and larch 900¥/m³. Prices increased in March, with 850¥/m³ for Pinus sylvestris, 800¥/m³ for spruce, and 950¥/m³ for larch. In April, the price of Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica was 1080¥/m³, spruce was 1100¥/m³, and larch was 1150¥/m³. Prices increased in May, with 850¥/m³ for Pinus sylvestris, 900¥/m³ for spruce and 1100¥/m³ for larch. The price dropped in June, with 850¥/m³ for Pinus sylvestris, 860¥/m³ for spruce, and 1030¥/m³ for larch.

After entering May, the market demand of Manzhouli and Erenhot weakened, and the logs of spruce/zongsong pine fell by 80¥/m³. The arrival volume of logs in Suifenhe Market was small, and the market further shrank. Only deciduous trees had a certain arrival volume. After June, shipments at major land ports were very small, the processing plant operating rate was less than 50%, and the three major ports were at a loss.

 Analysis of the Russian log market situation in the main ports of Taicang and Arashiyama. From January to June, the sales price of white pine logs 16-20cm in Taicang market: January 820¥/m³, February 830¥/m³, March 880¥/m³, April 1020 ¥/m³, May 900¥/m³, June 860¥/m³. Prices of foreign suppliers: From January to June, the supply prices were 125$/m³ in January, 125$/m³ in February, 128$/m³ in March, and 136$/m³ in April, which fell to 126$ from May /m³, 120$/m³ in June.

 From January to June 2020, German spruce imports amounted to 1.993 million m³, and in June alone imported 362,000 m³. At present, a large number of German spruce logs are exported to China, and foreign quotations: 820¥/m³ in January, 820¥/m³ in February, prices continue to rise in March: 820-850-900-950-1000¥/m³, 1020¥ in April /m³, May 880¥/m³, June 950¥/m³. The price of German spruce sawn timber is 1650-1700¥/m³, which has a great impact on the Russian sawn timber and SPF markets.


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