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Live Specialized analysis of Russian Spruce market

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Analysis on the Russian log market in Taicang and Lanshan main ports, the sale price of spruce 16-20cm in Taicang market reduced from 1100 yuan/m³ to 1050 yuan/m³ and then to 1030 yuan/m³ from January to March;1020 yuan/m³ in April; 980 yuan/m³ in May; 930 yuan/m³ in June. From January to April, the supply price of foreign suppliers was 135 $/m³ in January, 133 $/m³ in February, 131 $/m³ in March and 132 $/m³ in April. Compared with the price of 131 $/m³ from January to March 2018, it has increased. The supply price declined significantly to 126 $/m³ since May, and to 124 $/m³ in June.

Brich wood, selling well in the first half of 2019, whose arrival price was upside down since June, resulting in a loss. In the spruce market from January to March 2019, the arrival quantity gradually increases, and the demand for high-quality large-diameter spruce is very large, and the price continues to rise. Qingdao market is the main market of birch in China. The price of 26cm+ selected grade market rises to more than 2300 yuan/m³, and the sales price of 26cmAB is 2100 yuan/m³. The market demand continues to be strong. In June, the quality of birch was reduced and the supply price did not change. The sales price in the Chinese market dropped by 80-00 yuan/m3.

In 2019, a large number of German spruce logs were exported to China, with an average monthly import volume of about 200,000 cubic meters. The foreign price was 113-115 €/m³, and the market sales price was 980-1050 yuan/m³. The price of German spruce lumber was 1650-1700 yuan/m³, which had a great impact on the board timber market.


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