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Live Specialized Analysis of Russian and European Lumber Market

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Analyzed from land border ports, the price of Manchurian spruce sawn timber: January 1320¥/m³; February 1320¥/m³; March 1450¥/m³; April 1680¥/m³; May 1450¥/m³; 6 1380¥/m³ per month. Anti-corrosion sawn timber prices: 1300¥/m³ in January; 1300¥/m³ in February; 1400¥/m³ in March; 1550¥/m³ in April; 1420¥/m³ in May; 1380¥/m³ in June. The SF price of Pinus sylvestris var. Spruce sawn timber prices in Erlianhot market: January 1320¥/m³; February 1320¥/m³; March 1500¥/m³; April 1650¥/m³; May 1450¥/m³; May 1450¥/m³; June 1360¥/m³. Anti-corrosion sawn timber prices: 1350¥/m³ in January; 1350¥/m³ in February; 1550¥/m³ in March; 1650¥/m³ in April; 1500¥/m³ in May; 1450¥/m³ in June. In Suifenhe Market, only larch board is available for sale, and other woods have basically stopped processing.

Based on the analysis of the marine port market, the prices of spruce boards in Taicang, Qingdao, Tianjin, Nankang, and Guangzhou markets: January 1700¥/m³; February 1700¥/m³; March 1900¥/m³; April 1950¥ /m³; May 1850¥/m³; June 1750¥/m³. Taicang's board stock: 920,000 m³ in January-February, 1.56 million m³ in March, 1.45 million m³ in April, 1.2 million m³ in May, and 1.21 million m³ in June. Stock of Qingdao Banqiang timber: 550,000 m³ in January, 860,000 m³ in February, 760,000 m³ in March, 570,000 m³ in April, 550,000 m³ in May, and 500,000 m³ in June. The inventory of Tianjin Banjo timber: 300,000 m³ in January and increased to 400,000 m³ in June. The inventory of Nankang+Guangzhou continued from 800,000 m³ from January to June, and the current volume of purchases in various markets across the country is greater than the shipments.

The price of foreign suppliers continued to increase since the end of February. The supply price of Pinus sylvestris/Spruce CIF (Shanghai, Qingdao) SF1-4 grades was 195-205$/m³ in January-February and 215$/ in March m³, 230$/m³ in April, 220$/m³ in May, and 215$/m³ in June. Ukrainian 35*85 timber CIF price: 150$/m³ for January-February, 160$/m³ for March-April, and 145$/m³ for May-June. The sales price in Taicang market is 1180¥/m³, and the sales price in Tianjin is 1300¥/m³. The ultra-low price has a great influence on SPF and Russian construction materials. After February, a large number of German spruce boards were listed on the Chinese port market, and the monthly import volume of logs was about 400,000-500,000 m³. Spruce Wetwood is 1500¥/m³, because the length specifications are very suitable for market demand, and sales are good. The market price of SF grade German spruce is 1,650¥/m³, which has a great impact on suppliers of spruce and white pine in Finland and Russia. The FCA supply prices of Krasnoyarsk and other regions in Russia are: 1020¥/m³ in January, 1050¥/m³ in February, 1080¥/m³ in March, 1100¥/m³ in April, and 1050¥/m³ in May , 1050¥/m³ in June.

In January-June 2019, the Ukrainian board material delivery volume is very large. The Ukrainian CIF price was 190-195$/m³ in January, the CIF price was 175$/m³ in March, and the CIF price was 170$/m³ in April-May. In June, the CIF price was 150$/m³, and the July-August CIF price was 145$/m³. Taicang Ukraine's 37*87 market sales price is 1300 ¥/m³, and the inventory is 100,000-150,000 m³. The sales price of timber from Tianjin Port in Ukraine is 1400-1450¥/m³, with a profit of 30¥/m³.

In 2019, a large amount of German spruce boards will be shipped to China. Taicang, Qingdao, Ganzhou Spruce wet boards will sell for 1450¥/m³, and spruce dry boards will cost 1680¥/m³, which will have a huge impact on the spruce dry board market.

Chengdu timber market price:

January spruce sawn timber 1520¥/m³, anti-corrosion sawn timber 1530¥/m³, generous timber 1550¥/m³;

February spruce sawn timber is 1820¥/m³, anti-corrosion sawn timber is 1530¥/m³, generous timber is 1550¥/m³;

In March, spruce sawn timber is 1650¥/m³, anti-corrosion sawn timber is 1620¥/m³, and square timber is 1650¥/m³;

April spruce sawn timber 1700¥/m³, anti-corrosion sawn timber 1650¥/m³, generous timber 1700¥/m³;

May spruce sawn timber 1600¥/m³, anti-corrosion sawn timber 1600¥/m³, generous timber 1650¥/m³;

In June, spruce sawn timber was 1550¥/m³, anti-corrosive sawn timber was 1550¥/m³, and square timber was 1600¥/m³.

The SF market sales price of Chengdu Pinus sylvestris var. sylvestris var. mongolica slabs is 1750¥/m³ in January-February, 1850¥/m³ in March, 1950¥/m³ in April, 1900¥/m³ in May, and 1800¥/m³ in June.

Xi'an Timber Market: January spruce sawn timber 1520¥/m³, February 1520¥/m³, March 1650¥/m³, April 1700¥/m³, May 1650¥/m³, May 1650¥/m³, June 1550¥/m³ .

Construction timber prices in Chongqing market: January 1480¥/m³, February 1500¥/m³, March 1600¥/m³, April 1620¥/m³, May 1580¥/m³, and June 1500¥/m³.

Wuhan anti-corrosion wood prices: 1550¥/m³ in January, 1550¥/m³ in February, 1600¥/m³ in March, 1700¥/m³ in April, 1620¥/m³ in May, and 1520¥ in June /m³.

Construction timber prices in Zhengzhou: 1500¥/m³ in January, 1500¥/m³ in February, 1600¥/m³ in March, 1650¥/m³ in April, 1600¥/m³ in May, and 1520¥/ in June m³.

From the analysis of the supply of wood in Russia, it is currently the low season of wood supply, and the supply price has begun to fall. In the main wood producing areas of Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk, the price of Russian logs was reduced from 4000 rubles/m³ to 3000-3500 rubles/m³. The price of FCA white pine construction timber has been reduced from 1100¥/m³ to below 1050¥/m³; the Pinus sylvestris anti-corrosion sawn timber has been reduced from 1080¥/m³ to 1020¥/m³, and the generous timber 200*200 is from 1100¥ in January-April m³ was reduced to 1050¥/m³.

The price of birch board continued to slump. The sales price of Manchuria was 1450¥/m³, the birch board from Tomsk region was 1600¥/m³, and the birch board from Kirov region was 1650¥/m³. Due to US sanctions on cabinet exports, shipments are limited.


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