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Live Specialized analysis of North American hemlock/Douglas fir logs market

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Since January 2019, the import volume of Hemlock/Douglas fir has continued to decline. The inventory of Hemlock/Douglas fir in the country is the smallest in the trade history of China and the United States. There were only 780,000 m3 in July, but the market price has not increased. In January and February 2019, the foreign supplier of Hemlock/Douglas Fir is priced at 980 $/kcal, which has been declining since May. The supply price in April is 920 $/MBF and the supply price in May is 880 $/MBF, the supply price in June is 830 $/MBF, in July to 810 $/MBF, due to the increase in US tariffs, the downward trend of domestic market price began to accelerate in April.

The sales price of hemlock in Taicang market hemlock is 1050 yuan/m3 in January, 1040 yuan/m3 in February, 1060 yuan/m3 in March, 1040 yuan/m3 in April, 1010 yuan/m3 in May, 980 yuan/m3 in June. The sales price of Douglas fir is 1160 yuan/m3 in January, 1150 yuan/m3 in February, 1100 yuan/m3 in March, 1060 yuan/m3 in April, 1040 yuan/m3 in May, and 1020 yuan/m3 in June. The sales price of hemlock in the Lushan market is 1130 yuan/m3 in January, 1120 yuan/m3 in February, 1100 yuan/m3 in March, 1100 yuan/m3 in April, 1060 yuan/m3 in May, and 1000 yuan/m3 in June. Douglas fir sales price is 1160 yuan/m3 in January, 1120 yuan/m3 in February, 1140 yuan/m3 in March, 1100 yuan/m3 in April, 1080 yuan/m3 in May, 1020 yuan/m3 in June, 1000 yuan/m3 in July.


Compared with the price of the same period of 2018: The sales price in Taicang, Laoshan market Hemlock/Douglas fir from January to April in 2018 is lower than 2019, while the sales price in May and June is higher than the market price in 2019. From the current market daily shipments, inventory, and expected shipping schedule analysis, the prices of hemlock and Douglas fir logs will also go down. In particular, the factors of Trade disputes between China and the United States have too much impact on the Chinese market, and domestic distributors have insufficient purchasing intentions. The market demand dynamics are also seriously insufficient. Many reasons affect the market price of Hemlock/Douglas fir, and the North American logs have suffered losses for 18 months consecutively. Some domestic distributors began to purchase some Hemlock/Douglas fir in July.

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