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Analysis of Overall Domestic Timber Market Situation

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Half of 2019 has passed, the current status of major markets in the country in the first half of the year is: “wipe out”, “price reduction” and “losing money”. Regardless of needles and broad-leaved wood; no matter whether it is maritime transport, China-European trains and ports, and land ports are all sluggish, no one is spared.

The situation of the three major land ports in the first half of 2019: Manzhouli and Suifenhe markets have been in a downturn. Erlianhaote has risen first and then fell. The 33 series of construction materials dropped from 1520 yuan/m3 to 1280 yuan/m3 in June, and the SF grade of Pinus sylvestris var. 1750 dropped to 1550 yuan / m3, logs fell 100-120 yuan / m3 from January to June, the market is in a slump.

From the perspective of the main port market, the clinker coffins in Taicang, Qingdao, Nankang and Guangzhou markets dropped from 2050 in January to the current 1800 yuan/m³. Pinus sylvestris

lumber fell from 1950 yuan/m³ to 1750 yuan/m³. The inventory  of Taicang is 1,450,000-1,550,000 m³from January to June,  300000-350000 m³ in Qingdao, 200,000-300,000 m³ in Tianjin, and 600,000 m³ in Nankang and Guangzhou.

The status quo of the Central European market in the Mainland: From January to May, the country runs 200-210 columns per month, and  from June to July runs 190 columns per month. Chongqing, Chengdu, Xi'an and Wuhan are among the best, and Changsha has become a rising star. The market volume of Chengdu and other markets has increased significantly, and the supply exceeds demand. There is basically no profit for the dried pineapple board. The white pine mouth material is upside down about 100-150 yuan/m3. The phenomenon of “explosion” is very serious. The processing of all major timber market processing plants nationwide started. The amount is less than 50%, and the construction work starts are obviously insufficient.

In the main port market, the price of radiata pine logs continued to drop by 100-120 yuan/m³ from January to June, and the quantity of hemlock/dugson was not large, with a loss of about 20-30 yuan / m³. The prices of foreign suppliers continued to fall. The price of spruce CIF (Shanghai and Qingdao) was $255/m³in January and $230/m³in June. Russia's Pinus sylvestris CIF (Shanghai, Qingdao) was $245/m³January ; June $220/ m³, the main market dumping price is serious, the plate coffin stocks hit a record high.


SPF foreign suppliers quoted for January-March 2019: the price was lowered by $10 /m³, the maximum downward adjustment was $4 /m³in April-May, and the market price was raised by $5-8 /m³ in June. Domestic SPF dealers Has been operating at a loss. Ukraine's 37*87 CIF fell from $175/m³ in January to $150/m³ in June, Taicang market price was 1,300 yuan/m³,Tianjin was 1,450 yuan/m³, and ultra-low prices affected SPF and Russian timber prices. After March, a large number of German spruce was listed on the Chinese port market. The wetwood board of the spruce was 1450 yuan/m3, which had a very big impact on the suppliers of Finland, Russia spruce and white pine. The FCA price of spruce building materials in Russia, was 1150 yuan/m³in January, 1120 yuan/m³ in February-April months, and decreased to 1030-1050 yuan/m³ in May, and dropped to 980-1030 yuan/m³ in June. The price of birch wood coffins in Manzhouli and Qingdao has been sluggish. The status of birch logs: 26cm for logs, 170-175 Euro/m3 for AB-June, and 230 Euro/m3 for special materials. In June, birch logs in Qingdao's main market began to lose money, about 50-100 yuan/m3. Large zebras, small zebras, and African materials have dropped by about 30-40% from January to June. Prices of the best-selling rare broadleafs such as red oak/white oak/white wax have remained basically unchanged.

At the end of January,2019, the national logs inventory was 3,330,000 m³.The daily shipment of national logs was 56,000m³/day. At the end of February, the national logs inventory was 4,370,000 m³/day. The daily shipment of national logs was 18,000 m³/day. At the end of March, the national logs inventory was 4,730,000 m³.The daily shipment of national logs was 62,000 m³/day. At the end of April, the national logs inventory was 4,520,000 m³.The daily shipment of national logs was 78,000 m³/day. At the end of May, the national logs inventory was 4,180,000 m³.The daily shipment of national logs was 77,000 m³/day.At the end of June, the national logs inventory was 4,310,000 m³.The daily shipment of national logs was 60,000 m³/day.

At present, 29th June, the national logs inventory is 4,310,000 m³,The daily shipment of national logs is 56,000 m³/day. The inventory of national single product of timber species, Radiata Pine is 3,050,000 m³,North American log is 800,000 m³, Australian pines is 800,000 m³, and Russia is 170,000 m³. Taicang logs have a stock of 1.33 million m³, Lushan + Yanqiao + Ganyu 730,000 m³, Tianjin 310,000 m³, Caofeidian 360,000 m³, Dongjiakou port 190,000 m³, Qingdao 210,000 m³, Xinminzhou 460,000 m³, Zhangzhou +Putian 250,000 m³, 180,000 m³ in Guangxi, and 290,000 m³ in Guangdong.

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