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Analysis of Overall Domestic Timber Market Situation

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At present, the national market demand was dropped rapidly, and the prices of logs and lumber went downward. The processing plants in the major timber market halt production, and most construction projects were suspended, the shipments declined significantly. The drop of sales price of logs was less than that of lumber, and the lumber of Birch wood price continued to drop. In the main port market, the price of Radiata Pine logs had an adjustment of reduction by 30 Yuan/m3, and the lumber had a bigger drop of 100 Yuan/m3 in sales price. Taicang market had a serious drop in price. Logs inventory has decreased significantly, while the lumber inventory remained at a high level. To conclude, more than 90% of the traders of seaborne trade had a loss in the whole year of 2018, and 90% of the traders of China Railway Express had a profit. The logs profit was better than the lumber, and the lumber was at a loss in the whole year of 2018.



The national daily shipments of logs reduced from 68,000 m3/day to 64,000 m3/day in October, and to 58,000 m3/day in December, while shipments of Taicang raised from 20,000 m3/day in August to 28,000 m3/day in September, and to 29,000 m3/day in October,  it was 24,000 m3/day in November and 19,000 m3/day in December. And shipments of Lanshan raised from 19,000 m3/day in August to 24,000 m3/day in September, and to 26,000 m3/day in October, it was 23,000 m3/day in November and 18,000 in December.

 For land ports, the shipments in Manzhouli, Erenhot and Suifehe were stable, and the market demand was weak. The price of lumber and building materials in Manzhouli began to fall by 30-50 Yuan/m3 in mid-December, and the price of antiseptic wood was 1400 Yuan/m3, relatively stable. The price of logs dropped significantly by 80-100 Yuan/m3, and the price of building materials of logs in Erenhot dropped by 100-120 Yuan/m3. The arrival volume and the price in Suifehe market were stable. The arrival in Manzhouli was 280 wagon/day, while in Erenhot was 60 wagon/day and Suifehe was 20 wagon/day. 


From the foreign supplier price of logs, the quotes of SPF lumber in February 2019 are as follows: the price offered by CANFOR was dropped by 5-9 USD/m3, while the price of WSF was dropped by 7-12 USD/ m3. Specifications of 2#, 2*6 and 2* 10 had the biggest reductions. The CIF supplier price of SF1-4 quoted from Finland suppliers was 245 USD/m3 in the end of December, while the Russian price of SF1-4, Pinus Sylvestris was 235 USD/m3, white pine was 235 USD/m3 and the Spruce was 225 USD/m3.

 The FCA price of Spruce building materials supplied by Russia was raised from 1100 Yuan/m3 to 1150 Yuan/m3. The FCA price of birch wood lumber was 1500 Yuan/m3 and the buy price of logs, Radiata Pine had a rose of 1 USD/m3, while the price of Hemlock and Douglas Fir logs was stable. Birch logs were in short supply, 26cm, AB grade of Birch logs was 170 euros/m3, selected materials were 220 euros/m3. The price of precious hardwood of Red oak, White oak and American ash had a sharp decline.

 On 30 December, 2018, the national logs inventory was 3,000,000 m3. The daily shipment of national logs was 58,000 m3/day. The inventory of national single product of timber species was 1,750, 000 m3 of Radiata Pine, 900,000 m3 of North American logs, 250,000 m3 of Australian Pine, and 100,000 m3 from Russia. The inventory of logs in Taicang was 1,000,000 m3, including 490,000 m3 in Lanshan, Lanqiao and Ganyu, 270,000 m3 in Tianjin, 120,000 m3 in Caofeidian, 90,000 m3 in Dongjiakou port, 110,000 m3 in Qingdao, 380,000 m3 in Xinminzhou, 80,000 m3 in Zhangzhou and Putian, 90,000 m3 in Guangxi, and 170,000 m3 in Guangdong. The logs inventory in Taicang five ports was 1,000,000 m3, was 500,000 m3 of North American logs, 220,000 m3 of Radiata Pine, 90,000 m3 of Uruguayan, 70,000 m3 of Australian Pine, 80,000m3 of Russian, and 40,000 m3 of Japan.



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